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IX Rental - Prestige, Luxury & Sports Car Hire in London


Driven by Imagination

We can offer luxury and prestige self drive car hire services for all occasions from luxury wedding car hire, chauffeur driven, business hire or everyday use. Our experienced team will find you the perfect vehicle, tailored to your individual needs or special occasion.


IX Rental Prestige, Luxury, Sports Car Hire London

Established in 2009 IX Rental are a fast growing independent rental company specialising in prestige, sports and luxury car hire in London and throughout the UK. We can offer luxury and prestige self-drive car hire services for all occasions, from luxury wedding car hire, chauffeur driven, business hire or everyday use. Our experienced team will find you the perfect vehicle, tailored to your individual needs or special occasion.

Our enviable car hire fleet features some of the biggest automotive brands & marques including Audi, BMW, Bentley, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce. We pride ourselves on our impressively large fleet of white prestige vehicles from the luxurious Jaguar XJL through to the highly desirable Audi A6. Our excellent super car range features the gorgeous Audi R8 Spyder and the astonishing Ferrari 458 Italia with its sleek body and striking yellow callipers. We also have a range of sports and performance super cars and 4x 4 hire services including the popular Range Rover Sport and Audi Q7. We can supply vehicles to the entire UK, not just the London area and offer a number of luxury car hire packages to suit all requirements.


A picture of glamour

Whatever the occasion, it will be enhanced with the inclusion of a luxury car. We go the extra mile to get every detail just right, meaning you get the ride of a lifetime and enjoy an experience of glamour that is usually reserved for the rich and famous. Your wedding day will be that much more special if you arrive in a chauffeur-driven Rolls Royce, or you could arrive in style at a grand event in the latest Audi A8 or BMW 7 Series.

Dare to dream

We are the pinnacle of luxury car hire London has to offer, and can provide you with exactly what you need, either chauffeur- or self-driven, fully insured and maintained to the very highest standard. If owning a luxury car is a dream that's out of your reach, don't deprive yourself of the opportunity to experience your dream car.

High performance, high life

We are the rich source of sports car hire London deserves; the world's greatest city should be travelled in style. Amongst our portfolio of hire vehicles, we offer deluxe Ferrari and Lamborghini models that will take your breath away. Experience true power at your fingertips with the latest supercars and learn how it feels to be a superstar.

Providing the perfect experience

With our impressive selection of luxury and sports cars, we are in the enviable position of being able to let people live their dreams and fantasies. Our aim is to provide a deluxe service for customers who want to experience the pinnacle of technological, engineering and aesthetic sophistication. If you get in touch today, we can help you find the right solution to add something incredible to any occasion, with the most comprehensive approach to luxury car hire London can offer. Your dreams are right here - don't sell yourself short.

Our Fleet


    White AMG Spec Diesel Convertible
    AGE – 25
    DEPOSIT – £1000
    MILES PER DAY – 150
    DAILY – £200
    WEEKEND – £600


    Black 6.3 V8 4×4
    AGE – 25
    DEPOSIT – £3000
    MILES PER DAY – 100
    DAILY – £600
    WEEKEND – £1800


    Yellow LP700-4 6.5L Petrol V12 E Gear
    AGE – 30
    DEPOSIT – £7500
    MILES PER DAY – 100
    DAILY – £2000
    WEEKEND – £5500

From limousines to supercars, we are sure to have the right luxury vehicle for you in our fleet. Whether you wish to drive the car yourself or be transported by one of our trained chauffeurs, choosing a car from our impressive fleet couldn't be easier.

For wedding hire, you may wish to experience true opulence in one of our VIP luxury or prestige cars. Larger wedding parties can benefit from our comfortable limousines to ensure the entire wedding party can arrive in style. If you'd prefer a taste of the true high life, renting a vehicle from our supercar fleet will surely provide you with the exhilaration and adrenaline you desire. For daily use, you may find our latest 4x4 models a practical, yet still highly enjoyable, driving option.

Our fleet is regularly serviced and updated, ensuring that when a vehicle arrives with you, it is in the best condition and of the highest quality. No matter what make, model or colour of car you desire, our team will always endeavour to pair you with your ideal vehicle from our fleet.

No matter what occasion or event you are attending, the right vehicle from our fleet can turn an average journey into an exceptional one.


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